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Our Team

Our team of dedicated staff are here to help you look and feel your best. Knowledgeable and caring, our staff will guide you through the process of achieving your personal body sculpting and fat reduction goals. Our hope is that you feel happier, healthier and more relaxed through our anti inflammatory natural options like infrared sauna, red light and Cryo Skin therapy's support.

Jennifer Cassidy

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Owner, Esthetician, & Life Coach

Jennifer is the owner and co-founder of Club Synergie.  Talented, highly skilled, and certified in various natural skin and body solutions, her personal mission in life is to help others feel better about themselves.  Jennifer's approach is grounded in helping her clients cultivate a strong foundation of self-love, which serves as the cornerstone for self-care. With her guidance, clients achieve glowing complexions and unlock a newfound sense of purpose, confidence, and vitality. As a beacon of positivity and transformation, Jennifer continues to touch the lives of those she encounters, leaving a trail of rejuvenated spirits and radiant smiles in her wake. Licensed Esthetician & Life coach. Certified Synergie, CryoSkin, and Fibroblast Technician.


Esthetician & Life Coach

Brianna is a dedicated esthetician and life coach with a passion for nurturing both inner and outer well-being. Her journey in the realms of skincare, self-care, and wellness has been defined by a commitment to helping individuals discover their true radiance, both on the surface and within. With a skilled and intuitive touch, Brianna seamlessly merges her expertise in skincare with her innate ability to inspire positive transformation. Her facial treatments are more than just skincare routines – they are personalized experiences that invite clients to embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Through meticulous analysis and tailored regimens, Brianna empowers her clients to embrace their unique beauty and regain their confidence. Her empathetic nature and intuitive insights create a safe space for meaningful conversations, allowing individuals to break through barriers and set achievable goals. Licensed Esthetician & Life coach. Certified Synergie, CryoSkin, and Fibroblast Technician.


Brianna Wickham

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lindsey Gardner, LMT

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Lindsey is a Gainesville native with a passion for natural health & wellness. After discovering Synergie Aesthetic Massage on the West Coast, amazed by the results, she sought out the treatment in Gainesville, FL, leading her to Club Synergie. Lindsey has dedicated the last 10 years to her personal growth & healing, having found a deep understanding of how fundamental self-care & self-image are. She enjoys sharing her calm, nurturing energy, and desires to help others look and feel their best, inside & out. *Licensed Massage Therapist, Synergie, and CryoSkin Technician.

Spa Manager

Alix is so amazing and we love her VERY much!! She loves her dogs, husband and daughter. She has a killer sense of style and runs a successful clothing business called SOL CHASER. Alix is knowledgeable about all things Club Synergie!


Alix Kissinger

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