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Facials for Everyone

Our esthetician-designed facials are always customized to your unique needs! We use professional lines that focus on an organic, and science-based approach to skincare! Refresh and improve skin texture! All facials use skincare products by Lira Clinical or Ilike,

with all-natural options.


Synergie™ Facial | $89

The Synergie Facial uses a suction wand to provide a relaxing lymphatic massage, reduce under-eye puffiness, and gently remove dead skin. It helps to increase circulation. Includes red light technology! Service is 30 minutes with no downtime.

Signature Facial | $94

This exclusive Spa Facial starts with a personalized assessment. We then address your skin concerns with a customized treatment, using professional-grade products tailored to you. This Facial includes one FREE ADD-ON of your choice when you are an Elite member of Club Synergie and two FREE ADD-ONs when you are an ultimate member.

CryoFacial™ | $200 or Cryo Neck and Chest

Specifically designed to tighten the face, neck, and chin by stimulating collagen production. Fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size are reduced, skin texture is improved, & and skin elasticity is increased. 6 initial treatments are recommended for best results, with maintenance as needed. Service is 30 minutes with no downtime.

Mini CryoFacial | $94 or Mini Cryo Neck and Chest

A mini version of our CryoFacial to get you tighter, glowing skin for half the price! Service is 15 minutes with no downtime.


HydroDerm Facial | $187

Cleans out pores while pushing in potent actives that moisturize, brighten, plump, and protect your skin! Helps with acne, scars, texture, & and more. Service is 50 minutes with little downtime.

High-Tech Add-Ons | $10-$45

CryoSkin™ under-eye or lips | $30

Red light | $35

Targeted HydroDerm Extractions | $45

Ultrasonic Extractions | $10

Synergie™ Neck | $20

High Frequency Wand (Ozone) | $10

Microcurrent | $20


Product Add-Ons |$10-$45

Arnica Hand treatment | $10

Arnica Neck & Shoulders | $10

Lira™ Botanical Micro-Needling | $45

Lira™ Pumpkin Peel | $45

Arnica CBD Neck and shoulders | $35

Arnica CBD Hand Treatment | $35

ILIKE Cucumber Hydration | $45

ILIKE Custom Gel Mask | $45

Lira™ Hyperpigmentation treatment | $45 

Exfoliating Hand treatment | $45



Skin concerns happen everywhere. Get help from a licensed professional! Book any Facial as a Hand or Chest Treatment for the menu price


Book any Facial as back or booty treatment! We add $45 to the menu price.

CryoSkin Facial

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Esthetician Designed Facial

Synergie Facial

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