About Us

When is the last time you felt wonderful?

Our mission at Club Synergie is to help you look and feel your best, naturally. Rejuvenate your skin, tighten and tone your body, reduce fat, inflammation and cellulite. Whatever your personal body goals are, we are  here for you! We are so excited to guide you along your self care journey.

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Our Story

Club Synergie's story is one of hope, faith, and discovering what it means to genuinely care for yourself. Before Club Synergie was even a thought, owner, Jennifer Cassidy, was experiencing events that would lead her to create the Club Synergie we know and love, today. Jennifer's path in life underwent a drastic shift after a hit-and-run accident left her unable to work and plagued with chronic neck and back pain. A once active, small business owner, known for providing exceptional cleaning services, was now unable to move through life as she had before. With no choice but to close her cleaning business, Jennifer began to focus on her health full time. 

Choosing a natural option of healing was important to Jennifer, so she sought the guidance of a local exercise physiologist. She began interning at his practice and found hope for recovery from her chronic ailments without the need for surgery or taking daily pain medication. "If feel as if I wouldn't have focused on my health as I should if I wasn't working in the health industry", Jennifer states. After 6 years, a new career path had begun to form. She was now a personal trainer and certified Synergie Aesthetic Massage technician.  Passionate about natural health and wellness, Jennifer was presented with the opportunity to become a partner in a new business, which would be named Club Synergie. Changes over the years have allowed Club Synergie to grow, now offering a wide variety of natural skin and body wellness options. What initially started as a place for her dedicated Synergie Aesthetic Massage clients has become a haven for all women, and men, seeking a natural option to looking and feeling their best, naturally. Club Synergie now has options ranging from Cryoskin, slimming and toning, Synospheres, Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation, Infrared Sauna Therapy, Whole Body Vibration Training, and Synergie or Cryoskin Facials. When there is a passion behind the purpose, there will be success! 

If you get the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Cassidy, you will quickly realize, and she will tell you, that her personal mission in life is to help people to feel better about themselves and life in general. Her mission and passion for helping others is seen and felt throughout every aspect of her life and business. Owning a natural skin and body spa affords her the opportunity to support others emotionally while also helping them to feel better about themselves physically. Jennifer also enjoys supporting other local businesswomen, offering their wares in her retail boutique at Club Synergie. Nothing brings Jennifer more joy than to hear a client share how grateful they are to have found the hidden gem that is Club Synergie, a place where they feel safe and serene.

The newest addition to Club Synergie is Revive Upscale Consignment, a consignment boutique, located inside Club Synergie. Revive is a place for women to buy and sell new or gently used, upscale clothing. Becoming a part of Revive is easy, simply call, email, or click the link below to book a drop-off or shopping appointment. Jennifer believes it is important that we "love and support each other during these uniquely changing times."