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Natural Beauty

Gainesville's Best

Natural Skin & Body Spa

Facials and Body Sculpting

Look and feel your best naturally with trained aestheticians in Cryoskin Toning and Slimming, EMS, Infrared Sauna, Synergie and Synospheres massage. 

Total health & beauty, judgement free

Club Synergie's focus is to provide you with natural skin
and body services, while enhancing your health in a judgement-free environment. You are safe to share your body and skin goals.

Our caring and dedicated staff are here to assist you in every method of self-care. Whether you are looking for help with body sculpting and fat reduction, reducing cellulite and toning skin, or simply seeking a peaceful moment of self-care, Club Synergie welcomes you to try all of our services and find the perfect combination for you. We are happy to design a comprehensive plan for you and give free consults.

Natural Skin & Body Services

"In this moment,

I will think of myself...take care of myself

...and learn to make more moments."

Club Synergie
3600 NW 43rd Street D-4

Gainesville, FL 32606

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